October 24, 2015

My Introduction

I thought for my first post, I'd introduce myself. My name is Madison and I come from New Jersey. To be quite honest, I never thought I'd start a blog. The idea of starting one entered my head out of the blue one day, and instead of holding back like I usually do, I decided to go for it. 

Some things that I like to spend my time doing involve singing, acting, and occasionally playing piano. I'm not at all a pro at the instrument, but I do enjoy playing some classical pieces from time to time. I've also gotten into writing journal entries again. I used to write in my diaries all the time, but life got too busy, so I decided to stop. Looking at all of the blank pages waiting to have memories written on them, I've finally picked up the habit again. 

So the autumn season is finally kicking in! It's getting colder where I live and the leaves on all of the trees are blazing colors of orange and red. It's my favorite time of the year. :) So I hope you stay tuned for my upcoming posts and enjoy my blog!

          Yours truly,

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