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Hello, I'm Madison! Nice of you to visit  ^‿^
It all started one day when I finally had the courage to show the world what I could offer. I had a surge in confidence upon realizing that every dream has to start small. It all begins with the thought, "I have the potential." And when I finally succumbed to the idea of "what if?" my first blog was launched.

As the talented Diana Ross once said,
"You can't just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream, you've got to get out there and make it happen for yourself."

So what is my golden dream? To be honest, I'm not exactly sure yet! But I do know that whatever I plan to accomplish on this earth, my end goal shall always be to glorify God. With all of the goals and creative ideas that are stored in my head, I know that for any of them to blossom and flourish, I have to pray for guidance and start one baby step at a time. So this blog is an outlet for expressing some of my thoughts and passions no matter how jumbled and varied they may be. It is a place where creativity and innovation can cultivate; a place where anyone from across the world can visit from just a click away. How incredible is that?!

What if someone is inspired? What if someone smiles? What if someone admires a picture I took while all alone in my backyard thinking, "What a beautiful sunset! Maybe I'll take a picture of this and I won't be the only one to admire it..."? If one gets anything positive out of this blog whether it be inspiration, information, or mere enjoyment from reading, then my blog will have succeeded in its purpose for existing.

So why not delve into this tiny space of the Internet - a little chip of a teenage girl's world? Comment on some of my posts, let me know what you think, and maybe just for a moment our two worlds could collide. Cheesy maybe, but there's nothing wrong with using the Internet to create something beautiful...

With love,

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