December 6, 2015

Being in a Murder Mystery!

This past month, I was involved in my school's drama. This year, it was "The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940." When you look at the title, you believe it's a musical - full of singing - but it's actually not. There's only 2 minutes of singing throughout the entire show, and it isn't even a full song! The drama is essentially a hilarious murder mystery that is full of "blood-soaked carpets and secret passageways..."

I got to play the part of Elsa, the woman who organized the whole thing. I invited everyone to my house to do an audition for an upcoming play, but the real reason I wanted them there was so I could figure out who killed my best "friend," Bebe McAllister (she was more than a friend if you're wondering why I used quotation marks... lol..)

My character is very cuckoo to sum it up! I'm always giddy and easily excited. I think the idea of inviting people to my house to find out which one among them is a murderer is a "grand adventure!" In the end, I succeed in finding that two of the people are murderers - an undercover Nazi who pretended to be my maid (strange, I know) and the director of the play. But to have their criminal identities revealed, many people had to pay the price and die throughout the play. The catch is that the whole thing was a joke! The fourth wall was broken many times with several funny scenes.

For example, there was a part where the killer came out when no one else but the comedian was in the room. To escape his knife, the comedian would say the darnest things such as "Oh, I don't shave but thank you!" as well as moving around the room like a flimsy ninja! There's also a part where the supposed killer comes through a secret revolving bookcase and, upon realizing there are people in the room, immediately turns around to go back but bonks his head on the closing bookcase instead! It's the little, silly things like that that kept the audience laughing. Here are some more pictures of me in the play.
Some of those faces I made.. haha, they were captured at the perfect moments! I especially love the picture where I'm looking at the pointed finger, the expression on my face perfectly describes my character's wacky personality! 
This drama was so much fun to be a part of. The people who worked behind the scenes were so talented in creating the set. I wasn't as nervous for the show as I have been for past shows, mostly because I knew the play was a comedy and so messing up could easily be covered. I also was more excited than nervous to be a part of a murder mystery! I love trying to detect which person in the cast is the killer and how many people it will take until that person is revealed! Add a little bit of comedy into it, and you've got a successful show. It was a great drama to end my senior year :)

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