January 12, 2016

It Finally Snowed!

Not having a white Christmas, nor enough snow to make our town feel like a winter wonderland made it seem like the winter season and all of it's lovely (but cold) aspects were brushed aside...
That was the extent of how much snow our town got... 

But lo and behold, it actually snowed today and I'm very happy about it! I went outside with my new camera and took some awesome pictures of the snowfall in midair. It was incredible to see the sky completely white and full of snowflakes.
Even though I am not a big fan of the snow, I was a little disappointed to see the winter season pass by without it. No excuse to go sleigh riding, make a snowman, or take off your boots and snuggle up near the fireplace!
I stayed outside for a good 15 minutes and took different shots of the snow on our property. The numb fingers and red nose at the end were worth it!

How much snow did your town get during the winter season?

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