March 10, 2016

Chocolate Date Fudge!

Need something to satisfy your chocolate cravings? I've got you covered! This short and sweet recipe makes for a delectable treat without the guilty feeling of indulgence afterwards...

Serving for 1

Prep Time: 3-5 minutes


Dates - 5 to 6
Unsalted Nut Butter of choice - spoonful
Cacao Powder - spoonful
Himalayan Salt - just a dash!

Of course, I recommend that you purchase the organic and raw version of these ingredients, when possible.


1. Blend the dates or mash them with a fork if they're tender enough
2. In a bowl, use a fork to mix and mash all of the ingredients together
3. With your hands, form whatever shape you want with the mixture, whether it be balls, squares, or bars...
4. Voila! You've got your fudge that will probably be so addictive that it won't last for more than a minute on your plate!

Want to know the benefits of what you're eating? 

These naturally sweet fruits from Iraq are the common choice for many healthy preparations! They can provide relief from constipation, heart problems, diarrhea and other conditions. They are rich in several vitamins and minerals including calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, manganese, copper and magnesium. It is even recommended to eat one date a day for a balanced diet. 

Nuts like peanuts and hazelnuts are packed with protein, fiber and essential fats. They are a good source of folate which helps to keep homocysteine levels at bay.

Cacao Powder!
Yes, even the main source of chocolate has health benefits! Cacao powder has been proven to balance hormonal swings and naturally lower your blood sugar levels. It has anti-inflammatory properties and contains several types of Vitamin B as well as essential minerals like magnesium, calcium, sulfur, iron, zinc, copper, potassium and manganese. 

Himalayan Salt! 
Known in the Himalayas as "white gold," this certain type of salt contains 84 natural minerals and elements found in the human body! Unlike sea salts that have come in contact with toxins and pollutants from the ocean, himalayan salt thrives in an environment of intense tectonic pressure with no exposure to toxins and impurities. When ingested, the water and blood sugar levels within our body are regulated and our respiratory system is supported. It also reduces cramps and promotes kidney and gall bladder health!

You see, there's not a single ingredient in this recipe that won't benefit your body! And as a bonus, it satisfies your sweet tooth so it's a win-win!

This recipe was inspired by HolisticHabit's DIY fudge video. I suggest you check it out, it will only take 2 and a half minutes of your time!

Have fun making your superfudge!

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