March 23, 2016

Day Trip to High Point

Weekends are meant for winding down. Your busy schedule can be put on hold, and your mind allowed to declutter.
With the arrival of spring, why not step outside and enjoy the fresh air? Explore the natural beauty around you, take a walk and soak up the sun!

That is just what my family decided to do on a free Saturday. We drove to High Point, for we had never been there before and brought some food for a picnic. I was very grateful for the warm weather as my mood always improves when the sun is out. Taking nothing but my camera, I was able to capture beautiful nature shots and fully absorb the tranquility of my surroundings. I can't think of a better way to relax and tune in to the earth around you.

Doesn't this remind you of "The Lion King" when Simba escapes the hyenas?

^ This picture's my favorite, in case you were wondering... ^

Exploring nature can be one of the most freeing things. How do you like to wind down for the weekends?


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