May 10, 2016

Starting to Garden!

Every mother’s day, our family goes to a local garden center so we can buy more flowers for my mother's gardens. Our backyard takes up 5 acres, and I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that 70% of the expanse is used for my mother’s gardening skills! One thing I really love about my home is the beautiful scenery to walk around in. 
I have grown fonder of gardening so along with buying some flowers for my mom, I decided to buy some herbs to grow for my own garden! 
Some of the herbs include rosemary, marjoram, and lavender. Other plants I purchased include cucumbers, red bell peppers and romaine lettuce! 
This past year, my dad was able to build a greenhouse on our property. I am lucky enough to put all of my newly purchased plants in there so they can grow and be of use all year long! 
Coming right out of the soil is as organic as it gets so I'm really looking forward to growing my own freshly-picked food! I will start to make updates on how my garden is faring throughout the year so as Louis Tomlinson would say, "Tune in next week for some more fun!" (It's from one of the One Direction Video Diaries.. does anyone else remember those X-Factor diaries?! Lol, that was the band at it's finest :) 


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