June 3, 2016

My Senior Prom 2016

Now that my senior prom has come and gone, I chuckle at the thought of almost letting my skeptical mind convince me to miss out on such a wonderful night. The hurried makeover, the nature photoshoots, the filing onto the party bus, the golden elegance of the banquet hall, the glittery photo booth and the crazed dancing all added to the pleasant experience.


Right near the deadline, only 2 weeks before prom registration ended, I decided to be bold and perform my own "promposal" to a junior boy in my school chorus. Instead of a big poster and flowers, I wanted to go for a more creative and original alternative. The boy I was going to ask was the kind of person you could always joke around with and be sarcastic to, so I wanted to include some humor in whatever I came up with. 

In the end, I settled on starting with a poem, short and sweet (and slightly sarcastic!) which would end with the big question. If he said yes, I would proceed to stick a "You're Not That Bad" award badge on his shirt and then hand him a contract in which he would have to agree to put up with me for several hours at senior prom by signing his name. 

I remember feeling my heart rate go up as I came near to the question. You can never be sure what the other person is going to say, no matter how confident you are in the best case scenario. I was overjoyed to hear him reassuringly say "Yes, of course!" There were a small group of people in the chorus room after-school watching the promposal that got a laugh out of the award and contract that came next. I was also fortunate enough to have my sister record the whole thing!

After registering, we received two lovely prom invitations with watercolor backgrounds of blue and purple pastels in shimmery envelopes!


For those of you who don't know me well, I'm a "winger." In other words, I tend to "wing" things by doing them last minute with barely any preparation at all.
Image by Odyssey Online (https://www.theodysseyonline.com/national-novel-writing-month)

To be fair, I bought my prom dress and shoes with plenty of time to spare. But when it came to makeup and hair, I didn't bother to make appointments. I was just going to "wing" it... at home... the day of. 

Trusting my sister, McKenna, in her eye makeup skills, I asked her to create a soft brown eye look with a little gold shimmer on the lid - a look that most makeup blogs and videos were recommending for navy blue dresses. I was happy with the way she blended the darker brown shades on the crease and outer V, so that it was not too dramatic-looking. Also a pro at winged eyeliner, she successfully created both wings at the proper lengths and angles - something I can never seem to get right whenever I make the attempt. Guess you could say I'm not a "winger" in that sense! (Ehh, get it? Ba da bum!) My sister also has a makeup channel on Youtube called "MckennaMakeup_ 15" if you're interested!

As for the hair, I searched Google for the perfect pulled-back hairdo for curly hair. The best one I could find was this picture from nail2hair.com. If you look at the picture on the website, you'll see that the lady doesn't have the same type of curly hair that I have (for all I know, she could naturally have straight hair that was simply curled with heat for this picture!) But I especially liked the way her hair was gracefully pulled back, so that was what I was aiming to replicate.

In the back of my hair, I placed a ton of crystal hair pins from Claire's to add to the sparkle of the jewels and sequins on my dress.

Because my dress was a solid navy color, I was able to incorporate many other sparkly accessories such as my diamond earrings from Swarovski (a gift from my aunt on my 16th birthday), and my newly purchased wedges from Lord N Taylor's. I wanted dress shoes that were classy, yet still suitable for dancing in all night long so I wouldn't have to take them off and walk around barefoot. These wedges were the perfect fit and had just the right amount of sparkle as to not be too flashy. One should never forget the necessity of comfort when shopping!


The first dress I tried on from Macy's was the one I fell in love with! I like how the creamy pink texture of the underslip adds an elegant background to the navy blue color of the dress. I also like the outlining of clear jewels near the top that somewhat portrays the design of a flower. After adding clear straps to both sides, the dress surprisingly didn't irritate my sensitive skin for the whole of the night, and I was pleased with the comfortable fit.


Now for the part that all of you have been waiting for - the pictures! My date and I took some pictures in front of my mother's lovely gardens, as well as the big tree in the front yard before heading to my friend's house for some group pictures. Here are some of the best pictures my mom took!

Charlie's angels...
My best friend... (who convinced me to go!)

After taking copious pictures, 22 of us filed onto the party bus and headed to "The Grove" in Cedar Grove, NJ!

"Ok, mom... I'm leaving now...you're going to have to put the camera down soon!" 
"Alright mom, last pic... Goodbyyyeee..."

Walking into the banquet hall, I admired all the gold-rimmed mirrors and chandeliers that seemed to sprout glass flowers. It was very elegant and chic which is my taste in decor so I loved getting to explore the place. I decided not to bring my camera so unfortunately I have no top-quality pictures to show you, but I can provide their website - www.thegrovenj.com - if you'd still like to see some pictures of the interior! 


My group of people was more into the old hits like "Come on Eileen" and "Respect" so it was disappointing to only hear foreign rap music the majority of the time. But hey, that doesn't mean you can't make up some dance moves and bop around to the music if it has a good beat, right? So we made the most of it, and I had a great time dancing like crazy on the dance floor, especially when "Get Low" came on (that used to be my jam for quite a while!) 


I keep reflecting on the night of my senior prom and all of the special little things that added so much meaning to my overall experience. I'll always be grateful for my family's help, my friend's company and the opportunity to be able to go to such an elaborate event with people I've known for as long as I can remember. For whoever is reading this, whether you've already experienced prom or have some years to go, I hope your prom experience will be as magical as it was for me.

Thank you for reading about my experience! If you've already been to prom, let me know what eye makeup looks you used, the details about your dress and other pleasant memories! ♡


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