August 31, 2016

My Mother's Hydrangeas

One thing that will always be very special about my home is the many gardens that surround it. With a multitude of various flowers, overflowing arbors and tall trees to offer shade, our house somewhat feels like a fairytale cottage secluded from the rest of the world.

And this is all due to my mother's love for gardening. She was part of the inspiration that led me to growing my own plants and vegetables. I admire her passion for spreading life and adding color to all of the untouched places in our backyard. When the winter season ends, spring will always bring her flowers back into bloom.

One particular type of flower that my mother loves to plant around the house is white hydrangeas.
It is one of her favorite flowers (peonies are her most favorite) since the color white is bright and neutral, and the trees they come from grow quite abundantly with flowers. A few trees alone can fill up much space if planted near one another. I personally like how a cluster of the flowers is perfect in a vase by itself.

I was surprised by how many hydrangeas grew around our house this season so I thought I'd show you how many are filling up our backyard!
This arbor is one of my favorite spots in our backyard. I especially love the huge bush of hydrangeas next to it as well as the smaller white flowers, called silver lace vine, daintily flowing over the top corner.
Cause who says arbors aren't meant for hanging onto?
As you can see, every hydrangea tree is full of so many flowers. You can tell the difference between the young ones drooping over and the other fully-grown ones reaching towards the sky.
Slightly drooping so they're still growing
Beautifully in their prime #nofilter
It's pleasant to see the abundance of them everywhere I look when I'm outside or coming up the driveway. I will not forget how much my mom has loved planting these hydrangeas, and I will be sure to make it a tradition once I plant them around my future house!

Here is a more in-depth tour of my mother's hydrangeas if you'd like to watch a video. She was more than happy to record me going around the house and showing you her flowers!

Do you have a friend or family member that loves to garden? Do you have a favorite flower or are you like me and can't make up your mind? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!


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