October 10, 2016

Late Night Pumpkin Picking

This fall season, my family's schedule has been very blocked up, but we were determined to find a day where we could all go pumpkin picking.
On the first Friday of October, we drove to Alstede Farms in Chester at around 5 in the evening, hoping we could still salvage some daylight. By the time the hay wagon had come to pick us up, it was starting to get dark out, but we made the most of our situation and still managed to find some nice-looking pumpkins.

Our silly friend...  haha
My sister, Morgan
Mom and I
Heads up, flying pumpkin!
I like the hazy effect from the bonfire

Riding the wagon back to the main grounds, we went to the register to weigh our pumpkins. Out of all of our pumpkins, mine was the most deformed since I couldn't find the perfect one back in the pumpkin patch. So I had settled on a less-than-perfect pumpkin since it had a nice, long stem that made it easier to hold. The stem eventually broke off though, so I guess it didn't matter in the end! To joke around, I told everyone that my weird pumpkin was as special as me.

Walking over to the bonfire, we enjoyed some hot apple cider and warmed our hands up.

Then my sisters and childhood friend boldly decided to go through the corn maze. By this time, it was already dark out so I wondered how they would be able to navigate through it and be able to come back out within reasonable time. Surprisingly, they returned 17 minutes later and also beat the record of finishing the farm's maze in the least amount of time! Pretty impressive...

We then headed to the main store which sold all sorts of apples, maple syrups, pumpkin butters and homemade soaps.

I found a tin box of pure maple syrup candies that reminded me of the maple tree farm I visited as a girl scout. The last time I enjoyed a maple syrup candy was when we got a sample at that farm, but that was years ago, so I was happy to finally taste the creamy sweetness again!

Outside of the store, they were selling more vegetables other than pumpkins such as eggplant, zucchini and different varieties of squash.

After seeing a lot of fall decor videos and blogposts featuring the cutest little gourds, I wanted to pick one out of the big heap that the store was selling. It only cost half a dollar since it was so small, but it was the perfect size for me!

Here's the maple syrup candies and gourd that I bought

There were tall corn stalks leaning against a fence that were perfect for a little photoshoot, so my mom took a picture of my friend and I.

In the middle of the farm was a ginormous haystack formation. We had fun racing each other up and down the haystacks, trying to beat each other's times. My sister, Mckenna, who has always been the most athletic, triumphantly beat our records.

Within a few minutes, we were pretty exhausted and ready to go back home...

I honestly don't remember this picture being taken and I'm basically blocking the sign, but I thought I'd include it anyways :P

It has been a couple of years since we've last visited Alstede Farms, but it was just as enjoyable at nighttime as it has been during the daytime. With a bonfire to warm our cold hands, hot apple cider to enjoy, and a big haystack formation to climb up, there were plenty of ways to have fun as the day expired.

If you're in the mood for a short 2-min video, I made a montage of our night out with acoustic guitar music playing in the background. Hope you like it!

Happy pumpkin picking, Madison

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