December 21, 2016

Christmas Home Decor Haul

From the Amish stores in Lancaster to the festive antique stores in Lititz, I've gathered some new Christmas decor including fake berries, electric wax candles and more!

I was inspired to buy a pair of electric wax candles with red cardinals on them since it reminds me of the cardinal that I'll sometimes see in our own backyard.

I thought this small fake tree with attached pinecones would be nice to adorn with ornaments and place somewhere in my bedroom. It's just the right size to wrap a 10-foot length of LED lights around it.

The Christmas lights I used to wrap around the tree were called "Silver Lake String Lights," and were actually gifted to me by my sister as an early Christmas present. The small, multi-colored lights were perfect to wrap around the bare tree and liven it up!

Inside one Amish store, there were baskets full of assorted dried fruit and berries to scoop from, and so I was enticed to fill up a bag and take it home with me.

This is the first time I've invested in dried fruit as decor, and I'm very happy with how the citrusy scents have taken over my room!

In contrast to dried berries, I also bought some fake berries of red and purple.

To decorate, I used the wire from the berries to wrap around the doorknobs in my room as well as the handles on my dresser.

Inspired by the vintage Santa Claus, I bought an old-fashioned figurine from a store in Lititz. Unlike the well-known version of Santa Claus with his red cloak and cotton ball hat, this Saint Nick wears a long cream robe with a red sash for a pop of color.

Carrying some gifts in his pockets and a wooden staff in his hand, he truly does look like the old-fashioned version of Kris Kingle!

Another Santa-inspired decoration that I bought is this Santa-gnome ornament.

With a long-flowing beard and a big nose propped under his hat, he added a cute touch to my Christmas tree.

I have always fawned over glass miniatures because of their small size and intricate details, so this time when I saw them in the store, I used the excuse of the holidays to buy a small Santa Claus and polar bear. They were simply too cute to resist passing up!

Probably my favorite Christmas decor that I have bought this year are these two horseshoe figurines from Twisted Iron Worx. One is the figure of a reindeer with a red nose to resemble Rudolph, and the other is a snowman with a plaid bow and black hat on top! I love how creative and original these pieces are which is why I always add to my collection every Christmas.

So those are some of the festive pieces that I've used to decorate around my room! What is some of your favorite Christmas decor?


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