February 10, 2017

How to Spend a Snow Day

Oh, lovely snow days...
This past Thursday, my sisters and I finally got our first snow day of the year. Our friend also got to sleep over the night before so we could all stay snowed in and have a day of relaxation. I thought it’d be fun to share some of the things we did, so that anyone who is looking for ways to spend a snow day, or any day off in general, can have some ideas!

Build a Fire

On cold winter days, it’s especially nice when your fireplace can be used for some extra warmth to spread around the house. Sitting near the hearth in our living room is one of the coziest feelings in the world, and will always be a fond memory of my childhood. Whenever there’s a fire going, my family always likes to gather and enjoy some TV while getting some extra heat.

Feed the Birds!

My mom recently placed a bird bath filled with seed on our front porch, so that we could admire the birds from a closer view. It was pleasant to see more than five birds taking their turns (sometimes quite feistily!) in the bird bath, eating as much as they pleased! Over the past few months, they’ve come to learn that the bird bath will always have more food ready for them. It’s nice to see them come back every day, and know that we’ve helped them through surviving the cold season.

Spend Quality-time With Your Pets

Speaking of birds, we also have a green-cheeked conure for a pet. Unlike most birds, CeCe (his nickname that stands for Cinnamon Conure) has come to equally love everyone in the family (especially those who tend to give him more food, ahem, dad!). Although he’s not a parrot with an extensive vocabulary, he has learned how to say “Baby,” after all the times that we’ve said it to him! While he may not be a dog or cat that we can pet and cuddle, he loves to have his head massaged and will often rest upon our hands or close to our neck and fall asleep which is the cutest thing.

Cook a Hearty Meal

For some of us, cooking can seem like a chore, but when snow days prevent us from going out to have a meal prepared for us, we might as well take the time to whip up a fulfilling meal! My sister and childhood friend made the effort to fry some bacon, corn beef hash, and scrambled eggs for brunch. It’s always easier to cook something when you have a helping hand!

Play Some Good Ole Board Games

Whether it be a quite lengthy game like Monopoly or a fast-paced game of cards, board games are always the perfect way to destress and have fun with your friends, especially since they get you off your cellular devices and video games! As for my friends and I, we decided to expand our horizons with a new Monopoly theme called “Horse-Opoly,” (a recent Christmas gift to my sister who loves horses). As we moved our ranch-themed tokens including a boot, horse fly, and horseshoe down the different lanes, we had fun attempting to mimic Southern accents whenever we read our cards aloud. Like most attempts at a good ole game of Monopoly, we eventually decided to quit, but it’s always worth the effort!

Indulge in a Treat!

When there’s a day to spend at home, free from the bonds or influences of society, there’s no one stopping you from having a little treat… or as many as your heart desires! This is your day to indulge in relaxation and that includes getting to indulge in delicious treats. Throughout the course of my snow day, I had a couple of Salted Caramel Chocolate bars by the vegan brand, Coconut Bliss. Salted caramel is one of my favorite ice cream flavors, and most of the ingredients in the chocolate bar are coconut-based, so there wasn’t any reason to feel guilty while eating them!

I also enjoyed a box of Skinny Popcorn which only has three ingredients: popcorn, palm oil, and sea salt. It’s definitely a delicacy that I’ll only treat myself to every now and then. It was the perfect snack to have while I watched a new movie, which brings me to my next point…

Watch A New Movie

With plenty of time to spare, why not give a new movie that’s longer than 2 or 3 hours a chance? I recently purchased a movie from Best Buy that was on sale, called “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas,” produced in 2008. As a person who has never liked spoilers or obvious expectations, I was curious to see how this movie, set in the tragic times of World War II, would play out. With two innocent child faces on the cover of the dvd, I was hopeful for a happy ending, but was sadly taken aback by how the story took a turn for the ultimate worst, (emotional tears are definitely a given for those who are very sensitive like me!). I can’t say I’m that surprised since I knew what I was potentially getting myself invested in. Nonetheless, it was a very moving movie, and I found it enjoyable to watch how two different boys from completely different backgrounds were able to become friends despite their stereotypes and worldly circumstances. After the movie left me on a low note, I soon recovered my happy disposition with a good dose of “Friends.” There’s nothing that a classic comedy can’t repair!

Get Comfy

Nothing’s more comfy than a long, oversized snuggy draped over you! This past Christmas, I was generously gifted two of my own personal snuggies. They’re both very soft, and I could not be happier to come home and get to wear them whenever I please. I definitely recommend investing in a snuggy or, at least, an oversized blanket to keep you warm 24/7 while at home!
Enjoy the Snowfall

Nature is a beautiful thing. Despite the drawbacks that bitter, snowy weather can bring, such as icy roads and snowed-in driveways (we had over 8 inches of snow to plow through!), there is still something to admire in the glistening blankets of white, and slow-falling snowflakes in the sky. Watching the snow fall for at least for a few moments can be cathartic in that everything seems to slow down to the same pace as the snow. As you watch within the comfort of your home, it’s as if you’re living inside your own snow globe!

So those are some of the things I recommend trying if you’re blessed with a snow day like we were! Comfiness, indulgence, and quality-time with your loved ones are the perfect ways to make the most of your day off. Let me know how you like to spend your snow days as well!


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