March 24, 2017

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

Over spring break, my mom and I spent a week exploring Virginia. The first day upon arrival, we had decided to visit the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in Richmond while the weather was still decent. At the time, spring had not yet officially begun, so not all of the flowers and plants had bloomed to their full beauty, but that did not distract from the pleasant views of the gardens as well as the exotic flowers housed within the conservatory. With the few people that were visiting aside from us (most likely due to the cold winds!), it was as if we had the gardens all to our own peaceful enjoyment!

My mother and I were more than happy to find warm refuge in the tropical conservatory. There was a vast amount of orchids to admire with different colors and unique patterns. 

As I took my time walking through the different rooms, my mom suddenly said, "Come in here, Madi! I've just found Snow White's cottage!" Sure enough, there was a decently sized, gingerbread-like cottage among the many vibrant flowers. How delightful!

Heading back to the visitor center, we spent some time perusing through the garden store full of all sorts of outside decor and plant-related items. I was almost tempted to buy one of the napkin sets since I loved their floral designs! They also have a spacious cafe with views of the gardens outside. 

It was interesting to learn how the property was previously Powhatan Indian hunting ground before being purchased by the prosperous Richmond businessman, Lewis Ginter. For more history of the gardens, click here to read their website.

As we were leaving, it was just starting to rain, so I'm happy we had the few hours of mild weather to appreciate the gardens! Along with their different exhibits, the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens also offer spring yoga sessions, plant sales, "creation stations," regional artwork galleries and even host an annual "Dominion Gardenfest of Lights" during Christmastime with half-a-million twinkling lights, holiday dinners, activities and more. I definitely recommend visiting if you're ever in Richmond, Virginia as there's much to offer!

Do you love to visit botanical gardens as well? If you're in the mood for reading about another botanical garden I've visited, this time in Denver, Colorado, then click here!


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