July 1, 2017

Tartelette in Bloom Review

Back in April, I had decided to purchase the Tartelette in Bloom palette at our local mall's Sephora store. The flower-themed cover perfectly suited the beginning of the spring season, and I liked how there was a balance of matte and shimmery shades. The palette also smelled like vanilla when I first opened it up, so that was a pleasant surprise!

I was happy to add another Tarte product to my natural makeup collection since I appreciate how their brand avoids using parabens or mineral oil in their cosmetics. Along with their palette, I also bought Tarte's Gifted mascara, their lipstick in the shade, Salt Lyfe, and a free blush and lip-gloss set since I had enough points on my Sephora membership card!

I don't prefer blush, but I do love the soft pink shade of this one from Tarte.

Like most of Tarte's makeup products, the Gifted mascara contains Amazonian clay which is known for its skin smoothing properties. Collected from the Amazon river which travels for hundreds of miles carrying highly nutritious plant and fruit material along the way, the clay is sun-baked and ground into a fine powder which can be used in makeup products to help remove oil and shininess, and tone the skin! Compared to former mascaras I have used, this Tarte mascara has not irritated my eyes, so I definitely recommend it for those who have sensitive eyes like me!

Out of all the lipstick shades I could choose from, I settled on the shade, Salt Lyfe, since it looked like the softest, feminine shade. When I went home and tried it on, I was happy to confirm that it did not appear too poppy or dark, but turned out to really suit my complexion. It's now one of my favorite lipsticks to use whenever I dress up for nice occasions! 

Isn't this a beautiful palette? No wonder I was tempted to buy it in the springtime!

My sister, McKenna, loves to wear makeup more frequently than I do, and she likes to use the other regular Tartelette palette that has all matte shades. When she looked at the Tartelette in Bloom palette, she said that Firecracker and Rocker were her favorite shades. 

Firecracker definitely is a shimmery copper shade!

When I asked her what shades she would use to create her ideal makeup look, she told me that she would put Sweetheart on the lid as a base, Funny Girl on the inner corner, Firecracker on the outer lid, and then blend it softly with Rebel. She also said that if she really wanted to blend it out, she would probably use the shade, Smarty Pants. (Click here to check out her makeup channel on Youtube: McKennaMakeup_15)

In my latest Youtube video, I use the Tartelette in Bloom palette to create a soft and simple makeup look. If you'd like to watch the tutorial, click on the video below, or click here to go to my channel for more videos!

Do you like to use Tarte products as well? Let me know in the comments below!


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