December 25, 2018

Christmas at the Browns

I hope you've all had a Merry Christmas with your loved ones! This year, I was blown away with how marvelously my mom decorated our house inside and out for the holiday season. She took on a poinsettia theme which I quite loved since the vibrant red hues delightfully brightened up our living room and dining room. I felt inspired enough to want to share some of the cheerful, holiday-themed spots and corners with all of you. I hope you enjoy the little sneak peak of what our home looks like during the Christmas season!

Can you spot my pet bird?
We finally used a real pine tree from our yard as our Christmas tree this year! So happy about it. 
Our traditional angel that we use every year to top our Christmas tree.

Praise be to God for sending us Jesus Christ, our Emmanuel! Click here to listen to my latest song cover: "O Come O Come Emmanuel." It's one of my favorite hymns to sing, especially during Christmas. 

Hope you all have a happy new year! ☺️🎉


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