September 26, 2019

Downton Abbey Film Review

Last Friday was a long-expected and special day for all of us die-hard Downton Abbey fans. It was the day that the historical period drama’s official film was finally released to the public! A girl on my college residence hall was just as excited as I was, so we decided to be movie theatre buddies for the night. We had a good laugh over unknowingly dressing up in similar black and white patterned dresses for the fun occasion. The only real difference in our appearances was that she rocked these funky, red sunglasses haha. We weren’t the only ones who got all dolled up, there were some ladies at the theatre who looked chic and old-fashioned with their 1920s-themed hats.

On the way to the cinema, Mary and I cracked each other up over our very poor, but hilarious attempts to impersonate British people. Here’s a little video/vlog that she filmed on her phone so we could share the humor and awkwardness with all of you!

I was so happy to hear that Mary has also bonded with her mom over Downton Abbey like I have with my mom. I still remember those late nights where my mom and I would binge-watch many episodes while snacking on practically anything in our pantry (usually chips and sparkling apple cider)!

After watching the movie, our review is one and the same - the Downton Abbey film is a real hit! I especially loved how the writers took the opportunity to give more clarity and resolution to the overall storyline. Regarding character development, I was surprised to observe how well characters like Daisy and Mary matured throughout the movie’s two-hour length. Edith seemed at risk of having a sad ending once again, but in the end, she got what she desired. Tom Branson also got such a happy ending! But I won’t say anymore than that because I don’t want to reveal spoilers for those of you who haven’t watched the film yet (you definitely should)!

Every scene gave viewers ample opportunities for slight chuckles and hearty laughter. If it was anything that collectively amused the audience the most, it was hands down the constant sass and sarcasm from Lady Grantham and Isobel Grey’s dialogue that was seasoned generously throughout the movie. Their seemingly opposite personalities reflect a friendship that I’m sure all of us would label as unhealthy at first glance, that is, if their dialogue from the movie alone was our only impression of their relationship. But with context, the fact that the two women continually support each other, despite all of their sly remarks and childish insults that they like to hurl at each other, reveals how their friendship is not merely surface-level but is rooted in loyalty and companionship. I think the writers took advantage of emphasizing their humorous dynamic in the film to remind us viewers that those who are our closest friends show their love for us not only through the way they encourage us, but through they way they critique and tease us. Our loved ones will often do the latter for the improvement of our character. And other times, in the case of Lady Grantham and Isobel Grey, they will simply do it just to see how much they can ruffle each other's feathers!

Whether the following scene was designed to make us laugh or to cringe as much as possible is still up for debate, but Molesley’s scene when he was serving royalty at Downton Abbey (yes, you read that correctly, there’s royalty involved in this movie!) was absolutely one-of-a-kind. The way the cameras filmed his reaction when he realized he had overstepped the traditional boundaries of etiquette was spot-on because it made Molesley’s apologetic bow look as awkward and sloppy as possible. You have to see it for yourselves, folks! It was a hilarious scene and a perfect way for the storywriters to spotlight Molesley’s character in the film.

All in all, I think the Downton Abbey 2019 film gives a more satisfying resolution to the drama’s characters and their individual stories as well as the cast’s collective story as a united force behind the honor and preservation of the special Yorkshire country estate in a changing economic and cultural climate. Concerning the possibility of a sequel, I would say it’s not entirely unlikely. Downton Abbey is still intact at the end of the film which indicates that the story may go on further. But if it does not, at least not on the big screens, Downton Abbey will undoubtedly live on in our generations’ admiration for all things historically and endearingly British.


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