June 20, 2020

Summer Lookbook at Liberty University

Happy Summer Solstice!

It’s officially summer! Today in northern NJ definitely felt like summer weather. It was hot and sticky all day until it started storming like crazy this evening. The tin roof of our sunroom is right next to my bedroom window, so I can hear the rain pitter-patter very loudly as I type this!

Speaking of summer, I thought it’d be fun to film a summer lookbook this year. I got the idea when I was still quarantined at Liberty University. When your university decides to switch all residential classes to online, prompting virtually 90% of the students to leave the campus, and you suddenly have a lot of free time on your hands with several dresses and spring/summer outfits in your dorm closet waiting to be worn, why not grab your Canon G7X camera and film a lookbook? It’s just what you do. (At least, if you’re an introvert like me who really likes to dress up but doesn’t want to draw attention to herself until there’s some world crisis to give her some nice solitude and creative rejuvenation *cue awkward laughter*).

The primary location for my video was inside a new community mailbox complex at the Hill residence. I’ve lived on the Hill residence for three years now, so I can attest that the complex wasn’t constructed until the beginning of this year. It provided the perfect amount of shade and light for my video and it even looked like a sort of runway. While I filmed, I felt a combination of a confident, runway model and a giddy girl who is simply excited to try on all her outfits and showcase them just for fun (you ladies know what I mean - putting on a little fashion show for your friends and family when you buy new dresses)!

Here are my outfit details (in order of display):

Pants by Arizona Jeans
Chelsea Booties by Clark’s

White Button Front Top by Mudd
Striped Tie Waist Pants by Xhilaration
Beige Chelsea Booties by Clark’s
Faux Leather Ballet Flats by Universal Thread

Dress by Lauren Conrad
Black Chelsea Booties by Clark’s

Blouse by Juicy Couture
Black Shorts by Dana Buchman

Floral Print dress by Xhilaration

Overalls by Universal Thread
Sneakers by S Sport 

Long Sleeve Blouse by A New Day
Overalls by Universal Thread

Do you have any new summer dresses that you’ll be flaunting during these next few months? What’s the weather like near you?
Let me know in the comments below!


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