November 2, 2020

Misty Fall Scenery in North Jersey

This morning seemed to awaken the first howling and merciless winds of the winter season (most likely due to Hurricane Eta), so before it’s too late, I’d like to share my fall-themed pictures taken during the month of October. 

I live in North Jersey where the fall foliage was remarkably colorful this year, some attributing the change to the particularly dry weather and lack of rain over the past couple months. I so enjoyed driving to work every morning, passing by the wooded landscapes of gold and green, the distant hills blended with red and orange, and the impressionistic lakeside views. I usually listened to Celtic or Romantic Era music during my car rides since they sounded like the proper musical accompaniment for such peaceful and stunning scenery.

Eventually, I was inspired enough to take out my neglected Canon camera and put it to good use by driving around and finding idyllic views to capture in my hometown. There's something about the fog and enveloping mist that adds a sort of mystical enhancement to fall-themed pictures which is why I preferred to shoot when it was raining. 

It felt therapeutic to unleash the photographer side of me, and I’m already looking forward to when the snowfall will start to stick so I can take more scenic shots during the wintertime. Granted, I’m not looking forward to the transition into extremely cold weather, but at least the beginning of winter will indicate that 2020 is almost over, right? It’s all about perspective! 😄

I hope all of you were able to soak up the fall season while it lasted. As for the big election tomorrow, I pray that our nation will cling to hope and not give into a spirit of anxiousness or fear. As a Christian, I believe that Jesus is alive and reigning on the throne, and that His kingdom will last forever and ever in the end. May that comforting and eternal truth bring you peace in the midst of these challenging, unpredictable times. Amen!


Madison Taylor



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