October 6, 2023

My Summer Wardrobe in Europe

This summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Europe with my family. We were planning on travelling to Spain back in 2020, to celebrate my younger sister graduating high school because she loved studying Spanish and dreamed of visiting Spain someday. But, the pandemic forced us to postpone the trip until this year. We signed up for a Norwegian cruise-line tour of France, Spain and Italy for a week in July.

Before I officially went into packing mode, I ordered a few maxi dresses with the fun idea of wearing them for the first time in Europe. I figured that whenever I wear them, I'll think of the different cities I travelled to and fondly remember the unique memories I made while donning each outfit. Sentimental, I know!

As a general rule, I always dress in style but it's not often that I get to travel abroad which is why I wanted to take my fashion to the next level. I enjoyed selecting dresses that particularly accentuate my whimsical, sophisticated and feminine style. That being said, I also wanted to make sure that my outfits were comfortable enough to wear for the daily walking excursions. 

Take a look at the dresses I wore for my trip! I have included the fashion brands that I know in the outfit descriptions. 🤗

Barcelona, Catalonia

Maxi Dress by ASTR the Label 

Blouse and Skirt by Linennaive 

Pisa, Italy

Maxi Dress by Listicle

I saw a picture of a tourist holding an ice cream cone under the leaning tower of Pisa, so I wanted to do the same thing lol!

Sardinia, Italy

Regency Lace-up Linen Dress by Linennaive

Taormina, Italy

Lemon Linen Dress 

I adored this dress the moment I saw it on a mannequin outside a shop in Sorrento. It is a size small for a lady like me who fits in extra small dresses, and it has the ribbon in the back to comfortably fit around the waist. I enjoyed wearing it in Taormina and blending in with Italy's prevalent lemon theme, which symbolizes honor and fidelity. The dress is definitely my favorite souvenir from the trip!

I also picked up the purse from a store in Sorrento! The Italians have great taste in fashion. 🇫🇷

Manarola, Italy

Dark Blue Jumpsuit

My last moments with my beloved sun hat from Nordstrom! 😬
Was not in the least bit surprised when the wind knocked my hat off and the ocean claimed it... lol!
Nice, France

Blouse by Nordstrom, Skirt by Guess

My only regret in Nice was not staying longer at the beach!
I enjoyed a hearty chocolate crepe while we stopped here in Monaco.

Orvieto, Italy

Midi Maroon Dress

Mallorca, Spain

Light Brown Dress

Standing in front of the famous centuries-old oak tree in Mallorca!
A picture my mom took while we were sightseeing. ☺️

That concludes my compilation of summer dresses during my trip in Europe. I hope you enjoyed getting a look at my updated wardrobe. If you don't have any maxi dresses or jumpsuits in your possession, I highly recommend buying a few and changing up your regular style. They can add flair and elegance to your image, and also be comfortable attire for you to wear during summer weather. It's fun to dress up no matter where you are, especially when you have the opportunity to travel abroad and show off the best touristy version of yourself! 🤗

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I know I haven't been as active on here lately but I have been focusing on recording songs for my upcoming album. I spent a week in Tennessee this August to work with a producer on my music, so I should be sharing pictures from my adventures in Jamestown and Nashville very soon!

Hope you have a great weekend,
Madison Taylor


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