January 23, 2016

Candle Holders from Pier One & Joann

I have recently become a candle fanatic due to the wide range of wonderful scents they produce. I also love the therapeutic effect a candle has when you let the flame flicker in a darkened room. Therefore I could not resist getting some fancy candle holders whilst shopping at Pier One Imports and Joann's Fabric.
The first candle holder from Pier One Imports, which is one of my favorite stores to buy home decor, is a mango wood pillar stand.

It has a beautiful natural finish that could work well with any room color. It can hold small to medium sized candles, but not the large three-wick candles that are becoming more popular. I find this pillar stand very elegant and useful in that I can put it on my dresser for some added decor or near my bath for some added convenience!

The other two candle holders are from Joann's Fabric.

Their geometric shapes distribute the candle light to each glass frame which is unique compared to other glass candle holders. They are the perfect fit for medium-sized candles so make sure that the candle isn't slightly too big or else it will be hard to get it out of the holder (I've learned from the experience!)

Some nights, I just like to turn the lights off in my room and admire the way the candles are displayed in their candle holders.

If you love to use candles, then why not get some funky and innovative candle holders? They can add some convenience when displaying your candles and also act as other another fancy piece of decor in your room!


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