February 11, 2016

Meow Tweet Deodorant (Aluminum-free!)

After watching Youtube beauty guru Ingrid Nilsen’s 2016 Favorites video, I decided to try out Meow Meow Tweet's Deodorant Cream in Grapefruit!

To start off, how cute is the name of this company?! It’s fun to say and I always imagine a cute little cat and a bird on a nearby tree, haha, is that what I’m supposed to imagine? Who knows…

Within three days of ordering, the small box shows up on my doorstep and I open it up. I find that the jar is about the size of my palm, a size that is no problem for carrying around in my purse! I am also enchanted by the cute little sketches on it which include a basketball hoop, snake and Saturn. 

Taking off the lid, a solid creamy surface is revealed. Because this product is made of certified organic ingredients and essential oils, it is capable of turning liquid when introduced to warm temperatures, so keep it in a cool, dry place!

I love how many health benefits I can get from all of the essential oils packed into this one little jar!

Some of the beneficial ingredients are:

Arrowroot powder - enables the upper layers of your skin to absorb moisture
Shea fruit butter - protects skin cells from free radicals, effective in curing skin rashes
Grapefruit essential oil - antibacterial, prevents virus symptoms 
Virgin Coconut oil - kills bacteria, improves the lipid content in skin
Jojoba essential oil - mimics human sebum, effective moisture barrier
Bergamot essential oil - inhibits the growth of germs, excellent disinfectant 
Lemon essential oil - bacteria fighting antioxidant
Sweet Orange essential oil - another citrus disinfectant

(For an awesome article on essential oils that benefit the skin, click here!)

This deodorant turned out to be a great success in preventing my underarm odor and locking in the moisture! I’m very happy with this product since the past deodorants I have used have always ended up making my sensitive skin more dry and itchy. I find that only one reapplication is needed to last the entire day without any sweat!

I was also pleased with the little beauty product samples, discounts and catalogs that came with my order from Beautyhabit. 

There was even a special handwritten note to show their appreciation for my purchase! 

(Sheila's my mom, if you're wondering, she ordered it for me!)
If you’re looking for an all-natural deodorant with nourishing and detoxifying essential oils, then give this deodorant cream a shot! For more natural deodorant reviews, I definitely recommend reading this article from reviews.com. They hand-tested over 20 natural deodorants that are currently on the market and gave an honest review for each one which I think is really helpful! 

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