April 18, 2016

A Stroll Around the Pond

When the last day of the week comes around, a Sunday with no obligations, you can't help but be blissfully happy. So my mother, sister and I decided to go for a stroll around a local pond in our town. It's peculiar how close the pond is to our home, only a 10-minute drive, and yet we never made the time or effort to enjoy the palatable scenery before. Nevertheless, we decided that this time we would make a change and spend our Sunday afternoon exploring the park and getting our fill of fresh air.

Our town recently constructed a bridge to extend over the pond which was very enjoyable to walk across. 

Under the bridge, was a small stream flowing out of the pond and down a rocky slope. 

It was nice to sit down next to it and listen to the soft rustling of the water.

Quite a lovely day to trek around a picturesque pond. Do you have a local park or pond that you like to occasionally visit?


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