August 10, 2016

Antique Shopping at Lafayette

I have always loved learning about history which gives enough reason for why I ardently love antique shopping! The amazing thing about antique stores is that they hold items - whether it be furniture, dolls, paintings, or cameras - that have aged decades and developed their own originality and value. 

Though I may never know the personal stories behind things I see in antique stores, I always have fun imagining where they could have come from and who found use in them. For example, a chandelier could have been used to grace a dining room. A doll could have been the prized possession of a little girl who didn't have any other brother or sisters to play with. A camera might have used by a professional photographer.

In these cases, one can let their imagination run wild!

My mom and I recently ventured to a part of Lafayette where many different antique stores are within walkable distance. In other words, it's my kind of paradise! We were surrounded by so many Victorian cottages and vintage stores, I felt like we were escaping to the early 19th century for a couple of hours.

A dainty, feminine name for an antique store, don't you think?

Some of the stores had pretty unique names, for example, "The Chocolate Goat", which had an enticing assortment of chocolate truffles on display the moment we walked in.

There was another store called "Sheep Thrills," which my mom got a good laugh at. Instead of "Cheap Thrills" which could accurately describe some antique stores, they named it "Sheep Thrills".

As we perused the many sections and levels of the stores, here are some of the antique items that stood out to me...

The cutest baby chairs...
So many shelves!
Decorating your door with old chapters of seasons, very original!
I ended up getting this window frame because I liked the simple beauty of it!
This is, above all, my favorite bird cage! It's so unique with the circular top and blue adornments!
I was surprised to find so many shelves of vintage cameras! If I ever make a second visit to Lafayette, I'll be sure to spend more time observing how these different cameras were fashioned and what sets them apart from one another. I also wonder if any of them still work... (Too bad we're not allowed to touch them!)

So many plush!

Pretty dolls with fancy dresses
More on the creepy side, don't you think? I attribute it to the slight bend of her head

I like studying the design and appearance of product labels and company advertisements from the 1900s. I find it interesting to observe how they have changed over time. One can easily tell from looking at these old labels that they did not come from our century.

As for vintage style, there were some sequined shirts and dresses to admire. There was also a bedazzled purse made to look like a vintage camera.

So delicate and pretty. I believe this was a wedding dress! Looks like fashion from the 20s...

Though these beauty products are not vintage, some of them are made to look old-fashioned so I thought I would share them as well!

"Barr-Co" is the perfect old-fashioned company name!
These aren't vintage, but I love essential oils so I ended up getting Jasmine! (Lovely scent, and not too strong)

I especially had to share these soaps with hilarious labels on them. The company had creatively thought of labelling each colored soap for a different personality, as if using the soap would suit their needs and get rid of their problems. How clever!

I couldn't get the camera to completely focus, but as you can see, some of these labels are hilarious!

As the afternoon daylight slowly dimmed into the evening, my mother and I knew it would soon be time to go home. It was so much fun getting to walk through rooms with as many antiques as my heart desired, and I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said I could spend a whole day going through vintage stores and never get bored!

I like the light and dark contrasts of the interior design!

If you aren't already fascinated by history, I hope you'll be inspired by my antiquing experience to take a closer look at the things that define our past. Expand your horizons and learn more about our country's past preferences in interior design, fashion, advertising, and kinds of music. It's incredible how much our country has evolved over the decades.

Just by walking into an antique store, you'll be immersing yourself in history! It truly feels like another world...

Aside from all of the pictures I took, I also created a montage of my shopping experience, with a bonus haul at the end. I had fun finding phonograph music from the early 1900s to go along with it so if you're interested, check it out!


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