August 1, 2016

Berry Cobbler - Vegan Ice Cream

This recipe is super easy as it only involves three ingredients and five minutes of your time! You will need a very good blender, such as the Vitamix which I use, to make this vegan ice cream. For all those lovers of berry cobbler, I guarantee you will love the taste of it!

  • Frozen Berry Mix - 3 cups or more
  • Cacao Powder - 4 tbsp or more
  • Coconut Water - up to 1 cup

Preparation - 5 to 8 minutes

1. Pour frozen berries into blender, and then proceed with cacao powder.
2. Pour coconut water into blender, preferably over the cacao so less of the powder will go everywhere when you blend.
3. Slowly increase the speed of your blending, all the while using your tamper to ensure all of the berries at the bottom are blended!
4. If needed, add more cacao powder for more of a chocolatey taste. Other than that, your berry cobbler ice cream is ready to eat!

I wouldn't say I have an expansive knowledge of vegan recipes, but I do love to share some simple methods for making delectable healthy treats in a convenient amount of time so I hope this recipe will prove to be fruitful (see what I did there? fruit? lol...) in your kitchen endeavors!

Have fun satisfying your sweet tooth, Madison


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