September 25, 2016

The Denver Botanic Gardens

As the highest-ranked tourist destination in Denver on TripAdvisor, the Denver Botanical Gardens were not surprisingly one of the highlights on my Colorado trip!

I have been to many garden exhibitions with my family, but these gardens surpassed my expectations.
Spanning over 24 acres, the gardens extend as far as the eye can see, featuring all kinds of plants and flowers from different cultures including Japanese, Chinese, and South African.

Walking along the different pathways, we would often stumble across hidden groves, greenhouses and beautiful courtyards. With my camera in hand, I enjoyed getting to capture the natural beauty around me.

Elephant ear in the shape of a heart
This looks like the perfect Dr. Seuss plant!

Across from the water gardens was an outdoor cafe providing a wide array of lunch options.

It was nice to sit down and eat under their pergola. With a slight breeze to cool the warm air, and shade from the sun, it was a much-needed break from all the walking that we did.

For a refreshing drink, I was happy to find that they were selling organic, farm-pressed apple juice. It almost tasted like apple cider which is one of my favorite drinks.

There were so many healthy salads to choose from, so I decided to order the hive salad without the feta cheese. It was delicious with all the sliced almonds and blueberries on top.

After we had enough rest and nourishment, we headed to the tropical conservatory to see what exotic plants were inside.

Bananas! So that's how they grow...
This reminds me of Hawaiian skirts made of raffia grass
It's so cool how the leaves stick to the tree as if by magnetic force

As I stopped to admire the tropical flowers, I was reminded of the flower nursery my family went to in Hawaii. Unlike the flowers I see on an everyday-basis, these exotic flowers are brightly-colored and weirdly-shaped which makes them special.

This reminds me of coral
A little tail, haha
From the conservatory, we walked back outside and encountered some strange, yet fascinating contemporary sculptures.

Near the exit was a store full of home decor and garden-themed items. I had fun perusing through the rooms with my mom and sisters (my dad doesn't like to shop lol).

One of the items that stood out to me was a wax hand model. It was adorned with different-colored flowers and even scented with floral perfumes. I admired it so much that I was convinced to buy it as a souvenir.

I've become more intrigued by the structure of hands, so this was a great find!

Exploring the Denver Botanic Gardens was the perfect way to end our vacation. It was refreshing to walk through the gardens on such a sunny day, as well as gain a cultural experience through the different flowers that were on display. If you're a garden-lover like me, be sure to visit the Denver Botanic Gardens when you're in Colorado!

Towards the end of ths video that I made of our trip, I show clips of the gardens if you're interested to watch!


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  1. I live botanical gardens and these photos are beautiful :)


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