February 22, 2017

Wei of Chocolate Review

Even though Valentine’s Day has come and gone, I still wanted to share my review of the vegan chocolate that my mother gifted me (my dad always buys the flowers, if you’re wondering!). The vegan brand is called Wei of Chocolate, and was founded by Lisa Reinhardt who had lived in the Himalayas for 11 years and wanted to share her love of raw chocolate when she returned to the USA.

The two chocolate flavors I was gifted included “Super Dark” and “Himalayan Pink Salt”. Aside from their 8% difference in cacao (Super Dark being 80%, and Himalayan Pink Salt containing 72%), they both contained similar ingredients including organic coconut blossom sugar and organic cocoa butter.

What I love most about this brand is how they infuse a blend of Lotus Wei flower remedies into their chocolate (not to mention, each piece is shaped like a flower as well!). As a flower-lover and chocolate-lover, it’s wonderful to indulge in something that incorporates both things!

“Super Dark” is infused with Jasmine to “maintain balance and healthy weight,” and “Himalayan Salt” is blended with Pink Primrose to “bring forth new ideas with freedom and clarity.”

I find that the small size of these containers are optimal for traveling and carrying inside my purse. I also think that eight pieces of chocolate in each will be much better for me to snack on compared to eating a whole chocolate bar like I tend to do whenever I’m hungry!

Comparing the two flavors, I would say that I prefer the “Super Dark” more simply because it doesn’t taste slightly salty like the “Himalayan Salt” naturally does. But whenever I’m in a savory mood, I’ll definitely reach for the “Himalayan Salt”!

Along with the chocolate, they also sent a flower guide that allowed me to choose which flower appealed the most, and then see which chocolate flavor was paired with it!

Since I’m fond of pink flowers, I decided to choose the flower with pink petals, and was surprised to find that I was recommended the “Rose Chili” flavor! Don’t know if I’ll ever be bold enough to try chili-flavored chocolate, but maybe someday haha...

It was interesting to read how each flavor has different benefits relating to happiness, activity, clarity and peace of mind. For example, “Bright Citrus” gives one more insight and supports laughter and light-heartedness. “Peppermint” helps one experience more confidence and supports inner and outer beauty. “Lavender Grey” supports peace and tranquility.

No matter what flavor you choose, you’ll still be reaping some wonderful health benefits!

It was fun getting to indulge in some new vegan chocolate this Valentine’s day, and I’m happy that one of my favorite YouTubers, Holistic Habits, had recommended it in her recent video! Even though I do not support Eastern meditation, it’s nice to know that I'm buying from a brand that has good intentions in mind with each piece of chocolate they produce!

Are there any vegan chocolate brands you love to indulge in? Share your reviews in the comments below!


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