March 6, 2021

Living in a Snow Globe

I don’t think I’ve experienced quite so many snow storms in one winter season until this year. The snow started to become a familiar part of my day to the point where I was genuinely surprised if I woke up and didn’t see snowflakes outside my bedroom window. The icy weather was the go-to topic for small talk in my hometown during the past several weeks. 

From the comfort of our home, it looked like my family and I were living inside a beautiful snow globe. I enjoyed getting to feed the outdoor birds every morning when I changed my birds' food and water (I have a conure and parakeet; they're adorable and get along like brothers ♥️).

Here are some winter-themed YouTube videos I have uploaded in the past:

I felt bad for my dad who constantly had to wake up early in the morning and use the snow plow so we could safely drive down our driveway. By the end of February - when there was no sign of the snowstorms stopping any time soon - my dad joked, “Do we live in New Jersey, or New Hampshire?”

After so many snowstorms, I figured why not produce one artsy picture from it? ❄️

Thankfully, New Jersey is well-acquainted with snowy weather and knows what to do in response to its potential safety hazards. But, I was saddened to hear about the people in Texas who suffered from the unexpected snowstorms. News articles had reported people freezing to death in their homes because they didn’t have the proper heating systems or clothing to stay warm. Some friends of mine with relatives or connections in Texas said the agricultural industry had to deal with the loss of many farm animals who weren’t able to survive being exposed to the elements.

Just like the turbulent year of 2020, 2021 also reminds me to count my blessings. 

I hope that wherever you are, the weather is beginning to look closer to spring weather than it is winter. I’m especially looking forward to seeing the flowers bloom again. I think we could all use the pick-me-up of seeing new life blossom where we live!


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