April 1, 2021

Escaping to Longwood Gardens

It's one thing to wake up and see snowfall outside your bedroom window. It's another thing to wake up, see snowfall, and then remember that it's April Fool's Day. Well played, God, well played...

Honestly though, what a bummer that it's snowing when it ought to be beautiful and sunny outside on the first day of April. It is springtime, right? 

In order to cheer myself up, I thought I'd look back on my visit to Longwood Gardens a couple of weeks ago. The beautiful thing about conservatories is no matter how crazy the outside weather may be (like snow in April this year, or snow in May last year 🥶), the flowers are still able to blossom to their full potential indoors.

Can you blame me for walking through the East Conservatory more than once? It's such a dreamy place, almost like a glimpse of the garden of Eden, so I couldn't help but walk through its colorful maze a second time. Hope you enjoy this hefty bundle of pictures from my visit.

My dad said it looks like a little lantern! 😄
I got so excited when I saw the cacao tree because so much of what I eat has cacao in it! 🍫
So much beauty contained within East Conservatory!

I'm looking forward to when the gardens in my backyard will begin to bloom and hopefully (slightly) match the grandeur of Longwood Gardens - granted it doesn't snow again! 😅 

Easter is coming up, so I hope you all have a relaxing holiday. It's comforting to remember that even when the world doesn't go our way, we can rejoice in the Way, the Truth and the Life and celebrate His victory over sin and death through death on the cross and resurrection three days later. Amen! 🌷


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