May 5, 2023

Quarter of a Century Old

Hello, blogging world :)

I just turned 25 years old on May 2 which means I'm officially a quarter of a century old. My younger sister took some pictures of me in our garden, and I think she did an excellent job of capturing my mood through the camera lens. The past few years have been turbulent ones for me, but as you can see in these recent pictures, I am ready to take on my 25th year. 

They say the brain fully develops at this age, and I believe it. Partly because I feel more emotionally and psychologically stable than ever before. I’m pursuing my music career, experiencing my first year as an elementary teacher and leaning into the Lord’s love and wisdom to direct my steps. “His grace is sufficient” has become my new motto.

I hope that wherever you are currently at in life, you are handling your highs and lows with as much grace and love as possible. Try to be kind to yourself. Assume the attitude that you are responsible for taking care of yourself as if you were responsible for taking care of any other person, just as Jordan Peterson recommends in his book, “12 Rules For Life.” I’d suggest reading that book, as well as the Bible, if you ever have the time. Both books are great reads.

Signing off,

Madison Taylor


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