January 4, 2024

2023 Highlight Reel

Another year has passed, and there have been many milestones to celebrate in my singer-songwriter career. 

In April, I formed an awesome band and performed my original songs in a theatre setting for the first time. 🎭

In July, I had an incredible music video filmed for my song “I’ll Never Know Him.” I envisioned taking a stroll along Spanish streets when I first composed the song, so having the opportunity to film the video in Barcelona was a dream come true. 🇪🇸

In August, I travelled solo to Tennessee to record new material for my upcoming album. I’m working with an exceptional producer who also graduated from Liberty University around the same time I did (ironically, we never met until this summer)! 🎶

In December, I performed once again with my band at an annual Christmas event close to my home. Years ago, I had performed there with my high school madrigal choir so being invited back to perform my original songs was very encouraging and affirming. 🎄

Enjoy these highlight reels of my experiences in 2023! 🎞 

Most of my time has been spent in the studio, so I’m looking forward to releasing the songs I’ve been cooking up for the past few years. Thank you for all the love and support, both online and off. ❤️ Let’s all look forward to 2024, and approach the new year with a refreshed mindset! 


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