February 14, 2016

Valentine Gift Ideas

Nothing like having an excuse to buy some lovely flowers and a king-sized candy bar, am I right?

Single or not, Valentine’s day should be a time to treat yourself and indulge in what makes you happy. It should also be a day to give to your loved ones and show how much you appreciate their part in your life. 

To show my appreciation towards my family, I wrote my own personal messages on each of their Hallmark cards. That way, I was giving them more than just a Hallmark card, but a well thought-out and sincere thank you note for being in my life. That’s what counts.
I was surprised to find out what one of my sisters got me for Valentine’s Day! Turns out, she and my mother had headed to Michael’s to buy some materials to create homemade gifts. I was really touched by how much time she put into the crafty gifts which included a flower stand, floral wreath and flower-shaped bath bombs! 

No matter what you give your loved ones on the holidays, make sure to incorporate a little time and effort to show that you care - and don’t forget that certain treat to satisfy their sweet tooth! Nobody gets disappointed over a box of chocolates!

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