February 23, 2016

Is it TOO Organic?

As you all know, the “organic” label, whether it be on food, drinks, or beauty products, has become the new hype. 

So what’s the difference between an organic food and non-organic food? 


  • allows for irradiation
  • uses industrial solvents
  • uses synthetic food additives
  • uses chemical fertilizers


  • fosters cycling of resources
  • promotes ecological balance
  • conserves biodiveristy
  • does not allow synthetic pesticides or fertilizers

After learning about the chemicals and fertilizers commonly used on non-organic food, and the wide range of benefits you can reap from eating organic food, it did not take much for me to jump onto the “organic” bandwagon!

But, what if something is too organic? What if the lack of extensive sanitization does not effectively get rid of the bad bacteria still present on the food? What if the lack of processing does not ensure the proper examination of the food before it is packaged and sold?

These questions were suddenly brought to the table (quite literally) after coming home from one of my supermarket trips to unload the groceries. 

What did I find? I would have never guessed… I found a real-life bee inside one of the raspberries that I was about to pick up to eat!

No, it wasn’t alive anymore, but there it was cocooned inside the hollow of a raspberry. I was dumbfounded. Surely, this situation wouldn’t have arisen, had I bought non-organic raspberries instead. I started to consider the possibility of some organic food companies not taking enough care in cleaning and preparing their food. Because if they did, then surely this bee would not have ended up in a raspberry package!

At this point, you have probably assumed that I have turned away from all of the organic food labels. On the contrary, I have decided not to let my appalling raspberry experience betray me to the enjoyment of eating natural, non-synthesized foods! At the end of the day, I would rather eat the not-so-sanitized food over the overly processed, heavily fertilized food! (At least, now I know from experience to take a closer look at what I'm purchasing before finding another unwanted surprise!)

So what is the message of my story? 
Take care in the organic food that you purchase, for you never know what might be lurking in your hand-picked and non-processed food!


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