May 5, 2017

Lagusta's Luscious Chocolate

Earlier this week, I had received a box in the mail labeled Lagusta’s Luscious. I was pleasantly surprised to find a whole assortment of vegan chocolates inside it along with a letter from my friend wishing me a happy birthday! (Thanks, Isabell!)

Lagusta’s Luscious is an artisan chocolate shop in the Hudson Valley that places emphasis on health by using 100% vegan and organic ingredients locally sourced from small farmers and producers in the state of New York. They also focus on helping the environment by composting their kitchen scraps, and only using post-consumer recycled paper and packing materials for their business.

Whenever I like to indulge in chocolate, I always aim for indulging in those made with healthy ingredients, so knowing that I was opening up a box full of so many vegan chocolates in different flavors was such a treat!

Here are some of my flavor reviews:

Maple Pecan Caramel
So delicious, thick, and chewy. Perfect for any caramel-lover like me.

Maple White Chocolate Heart
The maple sugar was very, very rich in sweetness, and it tasted just like pure white chocolate!

Chocolate Nougat Bonbon
Very minty with a thick and fluffy filling.

Chocolate Caramel
A very salty chocolate coating, and very rich in caramel.

Macadamia Vanilla Cream
A mild taste of macadamia in the outer chocolate coating with a smooth vanilla cream inside.

Strawberry Balsamic Caramel
I didn’t think strawberry jelly would go well mixed with chocolate, but the caramel seemed to balance the combination.

Rosemary Caramel
Not a fan of rosemary in chocolate. The taste of the herb was too prominent for my preference.

Salted Dark Chocolate Almond
Not too salty, and I didn’t mind the crunchy almonds on top like I thought I would. The almond milk in it left a mildly sweet aftertaste which I liked!

Spicy Apple Caramel
Tasted like a bite out of a caramel-covered apple from the fair! There were some notes of spice, and a little too much salt for my preference, but still so chewy and delicious.

Tahini Meltaway
The best chocolate from the whole bunch! Before I tried it, I was a little skeptical about the tahini, but it ended up making the chocolate so delectable and creamy... 10/10

My sister also wanted to try a few of the chocolates, and she was surprised to find how delicious they were despite being vegan. I remember when I had made the switch to eating dairy-free chocolate, and how I had worried about whether I'd get the same satisfaction that came from good ol’ Reeses cups, Hershey bars, and Kit Kats. Once I removed the stigma of vegan being bland, I was able to discover so many scrumptious vegan chocolate brands. Nowadays, vegan chocolate is more readily available, and can be found in health food stores like Whole Foods as well as local chocolate shops like Lagusta’s Luscious! You may even find the healthier chocolate to be more satisfying than the gourmet chocolates that you usually indulge in.

So what flavors from Lagusta’s Luscious look the most appealing to you? Have you found any vegan chocolate that tastes better than regular chocolate?
Let me know in the comments below!


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