October 3, 2017

Summer Exploring at High Point

It was one of my wishes this past summer to explore a scenic place with friends and enjoy a nice picnic under the sun. God answered my request in July when my friends and I were able to settle on a lunch date at High Point State Park. It’s one of the largest parks in New Jersey spanning over 10,000 acres of farmland, valleys, and sloping hills. The park was founded in the 1920s by Anthony R. Kuser, a colonel who had a passion for conservation and preservation of animals and parkland. I have visited High Point with friends and family a few times before, and each time I go, I always look forward to the surrounding country views by the monument.

During our afternoon visit, my friends and I enjoyed some salads and sandwiches and then ventured off to explore. We decided to get some exercise by climbing up the park monument for a bird’s eye view. Although the look-out window at the top was a little faded, we could still manage to see the far-away lake and hills.

Then we spent some time walking through some of the wooded trails. Eventually, we came upon an abandoned building, and inside was a big spacious room filled with dust and empty stalls, so we gathered that it must have been a bathroom facility for camp or something. My friend has always been intrigued by abandoned things and the stories behind them, so it was an interesting find for her. She has been to all kinds of abandoned places including small castles, manors, campgrounds, and even an insane asylum!

There were some tall rock walls spanning across a hill, so I thought they would be the perfect background for a few pictures of all of us. I had also remembered to bring along my instant camera, so I took plenty of polaroids of different scenic spots throughout our trip!

My younger sister and I

It was a pleasant afternoon trip with my friends, and I will always cherish the memories we made during the summer. I would love to go back to High Point and see the seasonal change of the trees changing color, so maybe we'll plan another trip to the park someday this fall! In the meantime, I hope everyone has been enjoying the apple cider, pumpkin picking, and brisk weather that autumn brings. I can't wait for all of the leaves to turn yellow, orange, and red!

Till next time, High Point

Click here to read my blogpost about visiting High Point last year in the fall. Here is the relaxing montage video that I filmed of our trip:


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