September 11, 2018

Proud to Be American

Back in January, my family and I had celebrated my mom’s birthday by cruising around New York City on the Bateaux. We enjoyed delicious dinners and listened to a live band sing well-known jazz and pop covers. Along our cruise, we saw many skyscrapers of varying heights light up the night sky which made the city look quite dashing and lively.

My favorite part of the cruise was when we came close to Lady Liberty. In the darkness surrounding her, she shone like a steadfast, hopeful beacon of light. Her glimmering display in the night seemed to perfectly represent our nation’s constant optimism, courage, and resilience in the face of evil and danger. I was reminded of all the long-fought wars and tragic terror attacks that America has endured and come back stronger from over the centuries. Seeing Lady Liberty in all of her radiance only made me more proud of the country that I get to call my home.

I was only 3 years old and starting my first day of preschool when the planes had infamously flew into the Twin Towers. My mother had just dropped me off and when she returned home to watch the news, she saw the plane hit the second tower live on television. My dad came home an hour later to pick me up from school so we could all be home together and watch the alarming news and footage continue to stream in.

I don’t remember living through that day, but I can say that I have been impacted by the devastating events that took place on that particular September 11th. For example, I learned that Satan is very real, and that none of us are immune to his evil schemes and dark forces. I became deeply inspired by the brave men and women who risked their safety to save as many lives as they could, even when the towers were just about to crumble down on them. I felt great awe and respect for the passengers on Flight 93 who selflessly fought for control over their hijacked plane so they could prevent more lives from being taken.

I feel so humbled and grateful to live in America, "the land of the free and the home of the brave." No country is perfect, but by God’s grace our young nation has been able to endure so many tests of courage. Every time we are wounded and close to defeat, we muster the will to rise back up and march on with more purpose and determination. We still value perseverance, generosity, grit, bravery, and all the other amiable qualities that make up true character. It is my prayer that our nation will more zealously uphold these values in the years to come.

Unfortunately, terror has not been defeated yet (read Revelation 11:17-18), but if we remember our Lord and turn to Him in our seasons of peace and our seasons of trial and turmoil, there is nothing that we cannot boldly face and come through triumphant. Happy Patriot Day!


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