September 30, 2018

Summer Dresses in Eastern Europe

When my family had decided to travel around Eastern Europe this past summer, one of the first things that came to my mind was how exciting it would be to wear my new, favorite dresses in new, scenic places. Earlier this year, I had intentionally researched about fashion to determine which particular style represented me best. After taking lots of different fashion personality tests, I found that my most common results were Romantic and Bohemian. When I started to evaluate my wardrobe, I surprisingly discovered that I had basically grown out of all the dresses and skirts I had owned since middle school. Naturally, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to do some online shopping and cultivate my ideal wardrobe!

As our European trip neared, I started to accumulate a decent amount of new dresses and packed as many as I could fit into my suitcase. For all of you who like to dress in modesty and feminine style, I hope that this fashion blogpost provides some inspiration!

Lake Bled, Slovenia // Blue & Floral

By the breathtakingly beautiful Lake Bled in Slovenia, I styled a floral, blue dress by A New Day. I like how flowy and effortless the dress looks and feels. The light fabric is perfect for wearing in the hot summer heat.

Ljubljana, Slovenia // Red Patterns Galore

On the famous Triple Bridge of the Ljubljana city, I wore a red maxi dress by Knox Rose paired with a cream-colored cardigan by Heart N Crush. I like the bohemian look of the unique red patterns that cover every inch of the dress.

Tatra Mountains, Slovakia // Elegant & Vibrant

For our lunch stop by the Tatra Mountains of Slovakia, I wore a chiffon sleeveless dress by One World. My mom has always loved to watch the Evine TV channel to know what are the latest jewelry and clothing discounts. When she saw dresses from One World being featured with their blend of elegant and bohemian style, she instantly thought of me and generously offered to buy me one. I like how vibrant and worldly the chiffon dress looks. It definitely stands out from the more classy and sophisticated dresses that I own. I wrapped a brown statement belt around my waist to give the dress more shape and definition.

Budapest, Hungary // Glowing White

I don’t prefer to wear white very often since I’m always afraid that I’ll get my clothing tragically stained (usually with chocolate), but it’s dresses like this ruffle maxi dress by Apt.9 that will convince me otherwise! I decided to wear the maxi dress for our walking tour around Buda Castle and Matthias Church in Budapest, Hungary. The dress’s neutral white shade paired well with the beige color and intricate design of the church in the background of my pictures, so I’m glad I decided to wear white on that particular day of our trip!

Kumrovec, Croatia // Comfortably Bohemian

I walked around the delightful little village of Kumrovec in a bohemian-style, floral maxi dress by Chaps. It’s the first of my dresses that is smocked and designed with extra space around the waist, so I love how comfortable it is to wear! It has a built-in beige slip to ensure modesty which I appreciate. In colder weather, I would suggest throwing on a forest green kimono cardigan since I find that it pairs nicely with the dress’ pink and brown patterns.

Krakow, Poland // Pretty Pink Flowers

I wore a lightweight, floral dress by Chaya for the sunny weather in Krakow. We spent the day exploring the historic parts of the Polish city. I love the dress’ big pink flowers that are scattered across dark blue, almost purple fabric. Overall, the dress looks royal and sophisticated yet casual with the way it's designed to be flowy and effortless.

Warsaw, Poland // Breezy Lavender 

Warsaw was one of my favorite cities that we visited in Eastern Europe. It was quite sunny and hot on the day we explored the city, so I'm glad I decided to wear my flowy lavender dress from Kohl's. I had packed some jewelry on our vacation and was able to match my amethyst ring with my dress' purple color.

Poznan, Poland // Classy Stripes

One of the classiest dresses I own is my Elle dress that I bought at Kohl’s earlier in the spring. With it’s black and white plaid pattern and modest length, it’s practically perfect to wear for any occasion! I ended up wearing the Fit & Flare midi dress on the day that we stopped in Poznan, Poland. I love how colorful and unique all of the buildings are around the city!

Berlin, Germany // Striped Maxi

For our morning walking tour in Berlin, Germany, I wore a striped maxi dress by Sonoma. It has a front tie sash and vented hem which add character to it. Wearing a sleeveless, comfortable dress for our long walking tour turned out to be a good idea especially when the sun was starting to beat down on all of us.

Prague, Czech Republic // Ruby Fairytale

Our travel coach took us to Prague in the Czech Republic where we were provided with a wonderful vineyard view of the city. My dress is a bishop sleeve Fit & Flare dress from Shein that is elegant and modest. The pleated waist and frilled sleeves always make me feel like a princess when I wear the dress. I like to wear it for any occasion, especially for formal events.

Prague, Czech Republic // Embroidery & Puffy Sleeves

For my second day in Prague, I wore a blue striped dress by Shein. The high waist of the dress reminds me of the old-fashioned, ankle-length dresses that Elizabeth and Jane in Pride & Prejudice would have worn during the Regency Era (any other Jane Austen fans out there?). I also like the A-line hem and the puffiness of the bishop sleeves that remind me of Princess Cinderella’s dress.

To replicate Elizabeth’s hairstyle in the 1995 movie version, I wrapped my hair into a neat bun and let the baby hairs on either side of my face form natural ringlets. It was pleasant to walk around the beautiful city of Prague in a Fit & Flare maxi dress. Apparently the dress is designed to be worn for the spring or fall seasons, but I think it’s perfect for the summertime too!

Tabor, Czech Republic // Bright & Colorful

I’m particularly happy about the outfit I put together using my own fashion judgment for our walk through the medieval bohemian town of Tabor. I conveniently bought both the shirt and skirt from Target. I love how the mustard yellow shirt matches the shade of yellow in my rainbow-striped skirt! Bright and colorful are the two words that come to my mind for this unique outfit.

Getting the opportunity to dress up for my Eastern Europe summer vacation was a blast, and I enjoyed getting to visit each new place with a new dress on my shoulders. Let me know which one of the dresses is your favorite and how you would define your characteristic fashion personality/style. I would be curious to know!


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