November 10, 2018

Embracing Autumn Style in Lynchburg

This past weekend made for some wonderful memories with my mom and sister while they were visiting me at my university. Over two months of being away from home inevitably produced a long-awaited and exciting reunion when I picked both of them up at the train station. They chose last weekend in particular to visit me so they could watch me perform in my Artist Development Showcase at Liberty University last Thursday.

Autumn was recently at its peak here in Lynchburg. It’s been so enjoyable to see the fall season transform the city. The hills and surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains have turned into a rustic orange shade, and the air is refreshingly brisk (though it is starting to get more and more colder now!). Last Saturday revealed itself to be a beautifully bright and sunny day, so I’m grateful that my family and I could use our free schedule to explore new scenic parts of the city.

We started off our trip by meandering through some of the old historic streets. I enjoyed passing by the colonial style houses with crisp red and orange leaves covering their front lawns. The child in me just had to collect some acorns and store them in my pocket along the way! It was a peaceful walk and my favorite kind of afternoon exercise.

For outfit details, I was delighted to wear my orange, button front midi skirt by Universal Thread that I recently bought from Target. To contrast the skirt’s bright shade of orange, I decided to pair it with a subdued blue top by Lauren Conrad. I like the blouse’s pleats and simple, yet tasteful pattern. It pairs nicely with all of my denim skirts. As for the brown booties, I’ve been wearing this Steve Madden pair frequently over the past few years since they usually match most of my outfits. They’re durable shoes and thankfully never hurt my feet when I walk in them a lot.

If you're interested in knowing how I style my hair or what makeup I use, you can click here to watch my curly hair guide and here for my makeup tutorial!

For lunch, we enjoyed browsing through the local Lynchburg Community Market. I love how the market marvelously unites the community, and I always feel closer to the city whenever I meet new vendors and admire the scenic artwork of local artists. Food-wise, there are surprisingly plenty of healthy options! I usually like to buy their freshly made fruit smoothies, but because of the chilly weather, I was happy to indulge in hot mulled apple cider. I also bought a vegan mini pumpkin pie which was delicious!

Since the marketplace was close to the James River, we spent a few minutes walking down Percival’s Island Trail to enjoy the views on the RiverWalk. On the way, we passed Lynchburg's famous “LOVE” sculpture. It was created by local artist Paul Clements and was given an outdoors theme including oars and wheels as decorations. The sculpture definitely stays true to Virginia’s travel slogan: Virginia is for lovers! 

In the middle of the bridge, we found lots of sentimental locks left by hopeful couples. The train tracks were nearby so it was fun to see a train roll past and blare its distinct yet oddly calming whistle. 

We concluded our Lynchburg tour with two more scenic walks, the first one being at Blackwater Creek Trail and the second one as a hike up to the LU Monogram. 

It was nice to find a gazebo at the top of the monogram’s hill so we could rest from our long exertion and enjoy the overlook. 

Liberty University
Beautiful Lynchburg

I’m very thankful that it turned out to be a gorgeous autumn day for some fun outside excursions with my loved ones. The fall season especially adds a sentimental and refreshing touch to day trips, don’t you think? I hope that in sharing these adventures, you are encouraged to explore more of the hidden gems in the city or town that you live in as well. Have a happy November!


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