October 29, 2019

A Stroll Through Colonial Williamsburg

Last weekend, I had the chance to go for a stroll through Colonial Williamsburg, a historic town that I had always dreamed of going back to since I was a little girl. Seeing the colonial revival structures and greeting people confidently dressed in 17th century American attire made the nerdy, history-loving side of me very happy! The weather was also stunning, hitting the high 70s all day long.  It almost felt like summer which was surprisingly comforting. 🌤

I usually have a poor memory, but I remember visiting Williamsburg way back in the day with my family and thinking, “Someday, I’d love to go back here and explore on my own time.” Well that’s just what I did, finally! At 21 years old, I've never felt more like an adult than when I drive myself to places farther than an hour away and do all the touristy things with just me, myself and I. 😂

It was freeing to have a lot of time to do whatever my heart desired. I covered most of the colonial grounds and then meandered through some of the parks and pathways by the College of William and Mary (which I surprisingly found out is the oldest college in America, surviving both world wars and three fires)! Along my walk, a few squirrels gave me a good laugh when I'd walk near them and they'd respond by just staring at me inquisitively (and a little fearfully too cause I am human after all)!

Stairway to heaven?

One of my favorite moments of my trip was having a cordial conversation with a sweet, elderly couple while in line at one of the shops. I could tell right away that they were from Great Britain before they said where they were originally from. The lady said she once lived near Glasgow which got me real excited because I have recently been praying about whether God is calling me to do mission work in Scotland. Both she and her husband joyfully described how cleaned up the city has become in recent years, and how the gospel is spreading more frequently there. That was such good news to hear!

Before I closed out my shopping spree and friendly exercise in Williamsburg, I knew I wouldn't be a true tourist unless I got a selfie with Thomas Jefferson. He is the president that my hometown and high school are named after, so I had to acknowledge him, ya know? I sent the selfie to my mom and this was her immediate response: "Madi T and Tommy J!!!" Haha, honestly wasn't expecting that because we have never referred to Thomas Jefferson as Tommy J, but I'm rolling with it (even though it kinda of sounded like my mom was referring to me and a past president as love birds... *awkward laugh*)!  😂

He's too old to know where the camera lens is, but that's ok 😂

As much as I'd love to say that I drove all the way to Williamsburg from Lynchburg just because I'm that confident and spontaneous of a person, the actual reason I travelled that far was to record my first EP at Pipe Dream Studios. Yes, you read that correctly, I'm releasing my first ever album! Ahh! (Another childhood dream come true)!

To stay updated on the release of my EP, follow my instagram: @madisontaylorartist. I hope you all had an eventful and joyous weekend as well! As always, thanks for reading my blog.


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