January 3, 2020

My New EP - Evergreen

If there is anything that is truly evergreen, it is love. Love endures all things. It never fails. 

Of course, there are many kinds of love. Agape, the Greek word for love, representing Christ’s covenant love for humankind, surely exceeds all the others. It is the only kind that satisfies our need to be loved beyond who we are or what we do.

That isn’t to say we don’t experience some of the other kinds in our lifetimes. Many of us resonate with the desire for “eros”, the Greek word for romantic love. At 21 years of age, I can say I’ve had my decent share of romance.

Romantic tension, heartache and unrequited love have been the main themes of my songwriting inspiration. In the past, it was easier to dwell in my sadness than remember that singlehood was and is a blessing. But, writing songs that poetically reflected my heartbroken feelings felt like the best way to cope, so I embraced it wholeheartedly.

Without being too vulnerable, I will say that most of the songs on my new EP (surprise! 😄) are based on personal relationship experience, excluding “Destined” which is a hopeful nod toward finding “the one” and enjoying a committed and lasting relationship. I felt that it was only proper to spotlight these special songs that have carried me through the lows of my experiences in matters of the heart. I hope that my music is able to connect with and soothe others who are also dealing with broken hearts and need the reminder that they’re not alone in their struggles.

Using my sad experiences to write most of the songs on my EP wasn’t too fun, but the whole recording process was a ton of fun! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with Pipe Dream Studios and release my first album. What better way to ring in the new year (and decade!) than by accomplishing one of my greatest musical dreams?

“Evergreen” is live today, on all music stores and streaming services you can think of. I hope you’ll enjoy what my songs have to offer - honesty, passion, dreams... as well as the interwoven idea that love is evergreen. That the pleasant and not-so-pleasant memories associated with our experiences of falling in and out of love continue to shape and renew our hearts. We are never the same when we separate from those we once held close to our hearts. Instead, we are forever changed for the better by having known them. For having allowed them to sharpen our perspectives, teaching us what we could not have learned without experience.

You can listen to my album here:
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It was a treat to work with Brianna Joy, a local photographer in Lynchburg, for my Evergreen photoshoot. I’ll take just about any excuse to wander through the woods for fun and let my outdoorsy and curious nature roam free!

May love that is evergreen follow you always,
Madison Taylor


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