June 27, 2018

The Days Are Fleeting

If it’s one particular lesson that has resonated with me over the course of the year, it is to make the best use of time because the days are fleeting. Before college, it felt easy to aimlessly do whatever my heart desired since future plans and dreams could still be developed. Nothing had to be finalized or set in stone just yet. I relished the carefree ignorance and idleness of my youth and often prioritized spending time with my family over sufficiently cultivating my creative interests. By the time I graduated high school, I knew that the drifting child within me would have to yield to the focused responsibilities and determined life purpose of adulthood.

LU Campus
LU School of Music

Going straight to college rather than waiting to be “discovered” as an amateur singer was not only the best decision for my music career, but fundamentally my character development. Beyond the ways that I’ve improved in my musical abilities, my experience at the Christian liberal arts institution called Liberty University has taught me so much about time management, setting priorities, developing my career vision, solidifying my worldview, pursuing new friendships, conquering homesickness, and drawing closer to Jesus in every facet of my life. Transitioning into a busy college lifestyle also made me realize that I cannot do absolutely everything that my heart desires, but I can make reasonable goals and be content with whatever I am able to get done in a day’s time.

After spending the last year seriously reflecting over my life purpose, passions, and goals, I’ve determined that my walk with Jesus, pursuit of godly relationships, and artist development are the goals that I should truly be focusing on cultivating throughout this next chapter of my life. Reaching that conclusion has made clear that some hobbies I've enjoyed such as blogging, video-editing, and creative writing will have to be put on the back burner, at least for a little while.

My sisters and I when they came to visit last fall

I know that lots of bloggers are able to keep up with their content while juggling other jobs and obligations, but unfortunately I’ve found that that is not the case for me. I personally need lots of time and concentration to write even the smallest of blogposts because I want to make sure that everything looks professional and all the sentences flow well together. I also want to be confident that the reader will actually enjoy what I’ve taken the time to type up, because if not, then my blog is not serving its purpose!

The few times that I have tried to publish a coherent and meaningful blogpost this year have always ended up eating too much time out of my schedule which caused the quality of my schoolwork to suffer a little. When I came home for the summer, I thought I’d finally be able to devote some time to my blog, but a good dose of writer’s block (the kind where you have all these amazing ideas but somehow your mind is in a fog so you can’t commit to any of them) unexpectedly hit me, and I was baffled about what to do besides write what I could day by day and wait it out. If any of you have experienced this too and have good tips about how to tackle it, I would definitely appreciate the insight!

I always love seeing my mother's roses bloom in the summer. Walking through her gardens always helps to clear my mind and put me at ease!

It’s my hope that by successfully publishing this blogpost, I will have repossessed the drive and motivation to complete the other blogposts I’ve been wanting to publish since last summer. I'm about to embark on an Eastern Europe trip with my family, so I'm certain that the free time will help to refresh my creative juices and bring a clearer vision to what I want to accomplish in the next coming weeks. Feel free to let me know if there’s any specific topic or subject you’d like for me to delve into. I’m all for exploring uncharted waters and expanding what I share on the blog!

Over the next couple of years, I’m confident that my vision for this blog will become more defined and that my writing and photography skills will improve so my blogposts can increase in both quality and quantity. I hope you’ll stick with me! Thanks for all the support and encouragement since 2015. I hope you’ve been enjoying the summer so far, and would love to hear about your latest adventures!

God bless, Madison


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