August 30, 2018

Roses & Rain Boots by Haystack Rock

During our stay in Oregon, it was often very foggy and chilly at Cannon Beach. Regardless, that didn't stop me from dressing up for some photo opportunities in front of the famous Haystack Rock. I was so excited to finally wear my new skirt from the brand: A New Day. It’s made with thin and lightweight material, but it’s not see-through whatsoever so I am happy with that! I paired its blue and white striped patterns with my solid black Phantom of the Opera shirt. There are hints of light blue on the shirt that match the color of my skirt so that’s why I thought they paired nicely!

I have always been a musical-lover so Phantom of the Opera is, of course, one of my all-time favorite musicals on Broadway. If you haven’t already, I strongly encourage you to listen to the musical's soundtrack! Andrew Lloyd Webber is such a talented composer.

Unfortunately, the show’s official online shop no longer sells the shirt with the particular design that I’m wearing, but I was able to find the exact one one up for sale on eBay if you’re interested (click here)! To match the rose on my shirt, I wore the rose necklace that I received as a Christmas gift last December. Even though the rose encased in the little glass cage is a major symbol of the musical: Beauty and the Beast (also one of my favorites), the rose is also a symbol of Phantom of the Opera, so I think it's a suitable accessory to wear with the outfit!

As for my boots, I actually bought the pair in one of the stores at the Cannon Beach Mall. The store is called Pendleton and what I love the most about the rain boots they sell is how they feature different national park emblems on the front of each pair. The Chelsea Rain Boots come in many different colors so I took my time on debating which pair I truly preferred. I finally came to the conclusion that I could not leave the store without regret if I didn’t choose the white and red-rimmed boots with retro striped colors on the sides.

The national park represented on the boots is Glacier National Park. I like how the emblem features a cute mountain goat perched on a cliff. It’s part of the wildlife that is spotted around the national park, so I would love to go someday!

I have never owned ankle-length rain boots before and they were on my wish list for a while, so I’m glad that I patiently waited for the right pair to come along during our trip!

Speaking of our trip, it was such a blast to be able to explore the beaches and parks around the Cannon Beach area. Click here to see the scenic places that we visited and read about our Oregon adventures in my last blogpost. I hope you have been enjoying the remainder of the summer! Let me know what awesome places you have visited over the past few months in the comments below. :)


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