July 4, 2019

Spiritual Lessons of Grace

As I continue to walk with my Lord Jesus Christ this year, I am continually overwhelmed at how generous His grace, love, and mercy are toward me. My life could have gone in a million different selfish directions at the age of 21, but instead, God graciously molded my self-seeking heart into a servant-like heart. I find myself delighting to die to myself, meaning, letting my own desires die in submission to living out God’s perfect will.

These past few months alone have produced tremendous leaps in the spiritual discipline of my Christian faith lifestyle. Out of the excess of joy in my heart, I’d like to share with all of you what God has been teaching me.

  • Don’t go spiritually malnourished

We need God’s Word to flood, cleanse, and satisfy our hearts every day. Renew your mind by reading the Holy Bible’s spirit and soul-splitting truth. Value its contents more than you value everything else in this world, including your own life. Sin always lurks at the door, so protect yourself from temptation by arming yourself with the sword of the Spirit which is the living Word of God. Remember that imperfect human wisdom will fade away, but God’s perfect Word is everlasting. Study the psalms to help model your own prayers. Read whatever passages you feel stirred to read and expect the Holy Spirit to bring those particular verses back into your remembrance when you need them for comfort and solid truth against the devil’s lies.

  • You can’t sanctify yourself

The Holy Spirit sovereignly and graciously gives us the increase throughout our whole walk with the Lord. When you mess up, He is teaching you, and when you find yourself becoming more holy against all odds, it is through His intercession and grace alone.

  • Work out your salvation

Live boldly by faith in God, and He will direct your steps. Humbly ask for His holiness to transform you, and through his perfect timing, He will faithfully begin to mold you into His beautiful likeness, from one degree of glory to another.

  • Delight in God all the time

Make the effort to thank God before you get out of bed, despite however groggy and sluggish you may feel. Thank Him for waking you up and giving you another day with new mercies and blessings. Whether it’s through a brief and silent prayer, a soft whisper, or, if you’re a morning person, a booming shout of praise, reverently worship Him at the start of your day. When you’re driving, play your favorite Christian music so your heart will automatically want to praise His name and your spirit will find it second nature to pray to Him. Wherever the day takes you, think of God’s glory and how He is constantly active in everything you see. Reflect on the ways He is currently molding your faith. As you interact with your friends, co-workers, acquaintances, and even strangers, find the courage to tell them about Jesus’ amazing grace. Evangelizing in this way will naturally increase your delight in Jesus and in His life-giving gospel. When you return home, sing uplifting and edifying spiritual songs. Find a quiet place and sing at the top of your lungs. Fall on your knees, even if it’s uncomfortable, and tell God that you’re an unworthy servant but you’re oh-so-grateful for His unending mercy. Go to bed in peace, knowing that God will protect you and instruct your heart in the night. In other words, delight in God all the time.

I pray that these spiritual lessons will resonate and absorb into your heart as they have done, by God's grace, in my own heart throughout the whole of my Christian faith journey. Praise the Holy Spirit for His merciful intercession in our lives, and for continuing to mold us into the likeness of the Lamb of God who is worthy of all glory and honor and dominion forever, amen!


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