November 8, 2016

Fall-inspired Desk Decor

During the month of October, I did some fall-shopping with my friends and family in Chester, New Jersey. From the different farms we visited to the cozy stores we perused through, I can confidently say that I've gathered an ample amount of autumnal decor! Now that I have a new desk, I thought it only proper to spruce up my work space with fall-inspired pieces.

  • Red Mason Jar

One of my favorite purchases was the mason jar with its drawing of pumpkins and dark red color that reminded me of tomato basil soup. Using it as a vase, I filled it with fake leaves and flowers from Hobby Lobby, along with an electric candle that I bought from the store, "Decor8". I was intrigued by the way the candle was covered with actual wax, and wanted to get one in light orange, the same shade as pumpkins.

  • Teepee Model
The little gourd has a home! And the red leaves are some that I picked up off the ground in Chester...

Another special decor piece is the teepee model from Joann's Fabric that reminded me of my childhood. Living close to the woods, my sisters and I would often go and build our own teepees out of sticks, tarps and leaves. I knew I had to bring the little figurine home, so I could place it on my desk and be reminded of the fond memories made from my youth.

  • Spiced Apple

Also from the store, Decor8, is a "Spiced Apple" sewn with red fabric and white flower patterns. Reading off the label, it is an apple replica "filled with real spices to add a warm, old fashioned scent to your home..." If you take a good sniff of it, there are some hints of cinnamon and cloves!

  • Cinnamon-Apple Scented Candle

Speaking of cinnamon and cloves, I found the perfect fall-scented candle to last me the whole season, called "Apple Brown Betty" (sounds kind of country which I like!) From the moment I smelled the blend of oven-baked apples and cinnamon spice, I knew it was the one to take home. As a mason jar lover, I also admired the tinted jar it came in that made it easier to hold and seal shut when not using.

It's already November, and I'm only halfway through burning it!
  • Orange String Lights

From the same store that I purchased the candle, I also bought some string lights to wrap around my computer. The orange glow of the lights remind me of jack o'lanterns, so it adds a little bit of Halloween into my fall decor!

  • Pumpkins

As for the pumpkins (which are must-haves if decorating for fall!), I got the petite one at Stony Hill Farms and the bigger one at Alstede Farms. That way, both farms are treated equally (lol, just kidding...)

I had fun getting to decorate my new workspace during my favorite time of the year. I hope that by sharing my fall-inspired pieces, you get some inspiration for decorating around the house this season!


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