November 13, 2016

My Main Fall Attire

As the summer heat turns into brisk fall, my long-sleeved shirts, jeggings and military boots come back into play. If I had to pick my favorite seasonal attire, it would be autumn since there is no better feeling than a fit pair of jeans, a comfy, oversized blouse and some sturdy boots to scuff up.

I got the dark blue Chaps shirt from Kohl's. I like the flower patterns on it as well as the slight bagginess of the sleeves.

I also bought my shoes from Kohl's, and have been wearing this brown, laced-up pair since early September. The jeggings are from American Eagle, my favorite place to get jeans.

Now that the weather is getting colder and winter (aka Christmas!) is nearing, my sweaters and coats have taken dominion over my closet, so maybe I will update you with another outfit post in the future!

How do you like to dress for fall? Let me know in the comments below...


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