November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving Brunch at Hershey Farm

On Thanksgiving day, my family drove to the Hershey Farm restaurant in Lancaster, PA for a plentiful brunch. The farm is well-known for its "Smorgasbord" buffet, along with the small shops connected to the restaurant that sell festive items for the holidays.

Getting to choose from a wide array of cooked food and enjoy our meal inside a country-themed restaurant felt like the perfect way to celebrate our Thanksgiving meal. We weren't the only ones who thought it'd be the perfect destination as we were told that over 1,800 spots had been reserved for the day!

When we ate as much as our stomachs could hold, we walked outside across the backyard where the barn animals were kept.

The sky was cloudy with the sun softly shining through, allowing the warmth to stay beneath the clouds for decent weather. Unlike the snow that had fallen in our town, it didn't quite feel like winter had taken over Lancaster yet (which was fine with me!)

In a small red barn, there were different varieties of chickens and turkeys. Little did they know that they had been spared for another Thanksgiving!

One of the turkeys was bigger than any other that I've seen walk through my own backyard. With his puffed feathers and slow-paced strides, he seemed like the king of the barn.

It was funny to see all the ducks from the nearby lake wobble over to the barn and peer inside. They must have been jealous of all the food the chickens and turkeys had available.

Near the barn was a wooden boat meant for young kids to play in, but that didn't stop my teenage sisters from going inside to peer our faces through the holes and climb on top of it.

When the weather got too cold for us to handle, we headed back towards the parking lot where other chickens and goats were fenced in. There was one particular goat that loved to be stroked and would stay near the fence for us to reach out and pet. My sister felt so attached to the goat as to name her, Laverna, (don't know where she got that name from!)

"Let me come with you!" - Laverna
A cute Nativity scene!

There were hints of Thanksgiving and Christmas among the pumpkins and candy canes lined up along the roads. It's the most festive time of the year with the two holidays that I love!

This is the second time we have gone to Hershey Farm and I'm so happy that we decided to spend our Thanksgiving here. With a wide menu to choose from, festive stores to shop in, barn animals to fawn over and decently nice weather to enjoy, it created the perfect family memory.

Including the day of Thanksgiving, my family and I stayed in Lancaster for the whole of our 4-day weekend, so expect to see upcoming posts on more of our adventures and sightseeing! If you want to read my Thanksgiving post from last year, click here!

Feel free to share in the comments how you spent your Thanksgiving, and your favorite part of the weekend break...


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