December 1, 2016

My Thanksgiving Outfit in Lancaster

Outfit Details:

On our Thanksgiving visit to Lancaster, PA, I brought along some new clothes and accessories from Kohl's. Virtually every item of clothing in my wardrobe has come from a Kohl's rack since it's the best store in providing a variety of fashion styles as well as the best coupons for those who like to save money!

Essentially everything but the jeggings and boots are brand new. Rather than sporting a fall-colored cardigan in the color red or brown, I went for a cooler shade of blue heather to pair with my gray sweater. The black boots I'm wearing by Dana Buchman are certainly not a recent purchase as they've gone through two years of scuff marks (I tend to scuff up all of my shoes, unfortunately!)

I picked out a few festive sweaters while shopping and thought this fair isle sweater with its multi-colored patterns would be perfect to wear for Thanksgiving. Like my mom had said, the colors of orange, green and red made it an acceptable sweater to wear for the fall season!

My previous purse that I bought from Icing had surprisingly held out for over a year, but eventually it lost its durability, so it was time to get a new one. I usually don't buy my purses from Kohl's because they're either too small, too wide or have straps that are too bulky (like Goldilocks, I never found a purse that was "just right"!) 

But on my recent shopping spree in Kohl's, I did find the perfect purse from the brand, Stone and Co, that was in a neutral tan color and just the right size. It's made with durable leather, and has a thin, comfortable strap to sling over the shoulder. The bottom of the purse is black which I think is clever for hiding dirt that comes from being placed on the ground one too many times!

Love, love, love.

It was a very relaxing day at Hershey Farm and I enjoyed getting to spend Thanksgiving with my family away from home, surrounded by the amish country of Pennsylvania. I will be posting more of my festive outfits throughout the month of December, so stayed tuned!


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