December 6, 2016

Visiting Buchanan's Wheatland

During our Thanksgiving break in Lancaster, my family stopped by the lovely house of former president, Buchanan. The next available tour was not until a few hours later, and we had other plans for the day, so we just decided to walk around the property and admire the federal architecture. I love the old mill brick siding and white pillars on the porch.

For those who are interested in my outfit, everything but the Target boots (which my sister graciously lent) were purchased in Kohl's from brands like Chaps and Croft & Barrow. The leather purse I'm carrying from Stone and Co. is also a recent purchase, and I love how thick and durable the leather is. Hopefully this one will last more than a year on my shoulder!

Considering that the house looks lovely from the outside, I will definitely have to go back and see what it looks like on the inside. As they say, it's the inside that counts!

I hope you liked getting to see some different shots of Buchanan's home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. If you've visited any former president's homes as well, let me know your reviews in the comments!

For more of our trip in Lancaster, see my previous blogpost: "Thanksgiving Brunch at Hershey Farm."


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